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Nannywage Ltd Automatic Enrolment Pensions
in association with Legal & General
Four professional companies operating as one. Highly experienced in all aspects of employing a nanny

Our subscription is £130 per year including VAT for monthly payroll and £155 per year including VAT for weekly payroll and we handle everything relating to your nanny payroll. If you require employment contracts our subscription is £20 per year including VAT.

If you are setting up as an employer for the first time, please note HMRC requires you to file online FPS submissions for Real Time Information Payroll, every pay day or risk late filing HMRC penalties. Nannywage Ltd file these submissions on your behalf, however, you must ensure ideally all is ready for the first paydate by registering with us at least 4 weeks* before the first pay date as HMRC can take up to 2 weeks to set up a new PAYE Scheme subject to no delays.

*If your paydate is less than 4 weeks ahead, or the employment of a nanny has already begun, we highly recommend that payroll is setup immediately by subscribing to Nannywage Ltd.
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Starting with registering your employer PAYE scheme with HMRC we calculate all the TAX & NIC on your behalf and every quarter send you a complete summary of the payroll with total Tax & NIC amount due and full instructions of how to pay.

Our subscription is for monthly or weekly wageslips and we provide a full payroll service to include all issues such as Maternity Pay, Sick Pay, Holiday Pay, overtime etc along with processing starting and leaving P45's and end of year Nanny Payroll scheme tax return.

HMRC now require all end of year declarations to be filed online. Nannywage Ltd are government gateway enabled and file your end of year HMRC PAYE scheme return on line as part of our payroll provider service.

If you have any questions about your payroll please call our help desk where our staff will be pleased to assist you in any way possible.

We deal with all Inland Revenue issues and correspondence on your behalf, leaving you free to spend quality time with your family safe in the knowledge that Nannywage Ltd are managing every aspect of nanny employment on your behalf

REQUEST A BROCHURE Containing the payroll forms in paper format to use our service.

Our "Peace of Mind" policy includes a subscription refund for new clients, who may need to cancel our payroll service within 30 days of the start of subscription. Subject to Terms & Conditions #11

Employment Contract
Unlimited telephone support and information
Help desk available Monday - Friday 9.30am - 5.00pm
Telephone 020 8642 5470 E-mail

We guarantee a full payroll service with no hidden costs or extra charges whatsoever.



We will register you for a PAYE small employer scheme with HMRC
We will produce a Contract of employment for you and your employee if required

SIMPLE SOLUTION Subscribe to Nannywage Ltd. for one years service.
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Ensure you subscribe and correspond with the Nannywage Ltd group of companies and benefit from four professional companies acting as one. All highly experienced in all aspects of nanny payroll & employment.
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Please note we do not operate company car plans or P11d's

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