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Employee Leaving Employment

Any questions or queries regarding completing this form or just not sure what to enter and require advice Please call us on 020 8642 5470 9.30 am – 5pm Mon – Fri

If you have an active workplace pension

If employing further staff

If you are not employing further staff

If you are not employing further staff

If you are paying your employee REDUNDANCY pay, please enter in ANY OTHER PAYMENTS. Nannywage Ltd to calculate redundancy pay and we will get back to you to confirm figure.

PLEASE NOTE: It will take up to 10 working days to complete the leaver processing and P45 and post out to you and your employee, please complete and submit your leaver form ASAP

PLEASE ensure you complete all relevant sections

Until you find further employees any unused subscription to Nannywage Ltd is on hold if your nanny leaves after 6 months your subscription is suspended and put on hold and whenever the next nanny starts in your employment the subscription resumes with first wageslip for the new nanny as subscription month number 7 ensuring you receive full annual subscription of 12 months regardless of the amount of tax years this takes to complete. If you instruct us to close your PAYE scheme Nannywage Ltd will inform HMRC and The Pensions Regulator that you are no longer an employer and file your End of Year Declaration.

This is the last day that the employee worked for you and was paid

Are there any extra payments to be made to the employee?

Is the leaving employee entitled to any untaken holiday pay?:

IF there is no untaken holiday entitlement due please do not answer questions H1 - H 8

H1 - IF YES, do you want Nannywage Ltd to calculate the holiday entitlement and e-mail you confirmation of the holiday pay total?:

H2 - If Yes, do not complete leaving form Payment Totals until Nannywage Ltd have e-mailed you the holiday pay TOTAL

H6 - Does the holiday entitlement year begin with
the first day of the employment start?:

Please enter the work schedule of the leaving employee:

Who should the P45 be sent to?:

Do you intend to employee further staff, if so we will keep your HMRC PAYE Scheme open until you send us new employee details. Please complete a payroll form giving us all details of your new employee by using our website link You must ensure all is ready for the first pay date by completing the payroll form at least 4 weeks before the first pay date. As HMRC requires you to file online FPS Submissions for Real Time Information Payroll every pay day or risk late filing HMRC penalties. Nannywage Ltd file these submissions on your behalf.

If you do not intend to employ further staff, we will close your HMRC PAYE Scheme as of employee leaver date and inform The Pension Regulator that you are no longer an employer.

The Pension Regulator requires a current telephone number in case they need to contact you

Please click on box next to I'm not a Robot. Complete picture task and click Verify. Once the box changes to a tick you can submit form safe in the knowledge that your details are secure:

We will write to you confirming all leaving procedures have been completed and with the correspondence we include a payroll form and contract of employment questionnaire for employment of a subsequent nanny.

A leaving P45 for your employee is a legal document that HMRC take very seriously.

You must ensure that your payments to a leaving employee are correct

You must ensure that a leaving employee receives all of their statutory holiday entitlements

As the employer these are your legal responsibilities

Please complete ALL sections of this form, where the answer is NIL please enter NIL

Nannywage Ltd only post P45’s to UK destinations. If you or your nanny are moving abroad, please ensure leaver procedure is completed while still resident in the UK.

If you or your employee have already moved abroad at the time of us receiving leaver instructions we will e-mail leaver documentation to you and your employee.


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