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Contract of Employment Questionnaire

Please complete the following questions, for a written contract of employment to your particular requirements and return to us with your subscription and / or payroll form. Although by law the employer must provide the nanny with a contract of employment within two months of the start of employment. Nannywage Ltd send Contracts of Employment with the first wageslip of the nanny employment.

3. Probationary period (Normally 6 weeks)

(see statement section)

5. Standard Duties - Statement is entered here, please refer to Statement information at the bottom of this page.

6. Job description - To include any of the following conditions in the contract please tick the box

Please Note.
Nannywage Ltd offer contracts of employment for £20 (inc VAT) as part of our payroll service. Ensure that the terms & conditions you enter are the exact terms & conditions you require in the contract. Future changes during the year are made at the discretion of Nannywage Ltd by addendum.

General Conditions

A) Allow employee one or more visitors to the job location, subject to prior consent.

B) Include in job description, No alcohol to be consumed during working hours.

C) Is there an employer pension scheme with this employment?

7. Telephone / Computer / Domestic appliances.

Will you allow reasonable use of these facilities

8. Smoking - Will you be operating a no smoking policy

9. Job Location - As per the employer address

10. Accommodation

Is accommodation provided with this employment.

If YES please give details
(For example, within the family home or at a separate property that you will provide.)

Family Home

Separate Property

Please Note: If accommodation is provided as a condition of employment, and at a future date your employee is unable to fulfil their duties due to pregnancy and receives SMP, they are entitled to maternity leave with full employment benefits, such as company car, pensions etc. This could, we understand, also include accommodation leaving you in the position of having an employee on long term employment absence and still living at your property.
It is the opinion of Nannywage Ltd that, although only a possibility, this is a situation that could occur. Please consider carefully before including accommodation in employment.

If you intend to have live in employees at your main residence or provide accommodation by renting on behalf of the employee or they are to live in a separate property that you own, please check with your insurance company that you have the correct employee/property/employer cover.

11. Working overseas
Will your employee be required to work abroad

12. Meals
These are at your discretion. Normally, the employee is provided with meals during working hours.

13. Review
The employer and employee will review the position after 1 month to ascertain that both parties are satisfied with the duties and terms of employment

14. Salary

Your rate of pay is in pounds:


Please ensure that if also completing a payroll form the payment format that you have agreed with your employee of Gross or Net matches on both forms

If the Salary you are entering is different from current instructions please complete a salary change form at

Please ensure that if also completing a payroll form the payment frequency that you have agreed with your employee of Monthly or weekly matches on both forms

Please ensure salary details are the same as you entered on the Payroll form.

15. Hours of work

It is essential that you the employer state a complete working week schedule of start and finish times for your employee.

Is Employee:


Required to work nights

Required to work weekends

Please give us details only for the Days to be Worked.

The Employer & The Employee agree that total hours and work schedule may only be changed with mutual consent by prior arrangement.

Total Number of Hours, Time of Start and Finish

16. Holidays

Will you offer your employee the statutory entitlement of 28 working days paid holiday pro rata per year?

The statutory entitlement includes 8 bank holidays in England & Wales 9 in Scotland and 10 in Northern Ireland Pro rata

Will the holiday entitlement year begin with the first day of the employment start?

Will you allow unused holiday entitlement to be carried forward to the next year?
If YES, Do you want the usual restriction of 1 week maximum?

General Holiday conditions.
Will be included unless you tick the appropriate sentence below to be deleted from conditions.

17. Sickness
(Standard statement entered here see below)

Will you offer the normal self-certification of 7 days

Please select the letter of which sick pay option you wish to include

A. You will pay the agreed salary per day for the first three days of sickness


Employers could recover SSP paid where the total exceeded 13% of Class 1 National Insurance Contributions, known as the Percentage Threshold Scheme (PTS). From 6 April 2014 PTS has been abolished, this means SSP paid by the employer to the employee, which is a statutory requirement will be an unrecoverable cost for all employers. As the employer you may wish to take this into account when awarding paid salary days for the first three days when an employee is sick and the total to be paid per year.

18. Confidentiality
(Standard statement entered here see below)

19. Termination.
Standard statement (see below) covering notice and time totals

First 6 weeks employment - 1 week notice

After 6 weeks employment - 4 week notice

20. As a subscriber to our contract service you have two options:


Probationary Period. The first X weeks of your employment will be a probationary period during which time your performance and conduct will be monitored and appraised. At the end of that period, your employment will be reviewed and may be terminated if you are found for any reason whatsoever, to be incapable of carrying out or otherwise unsuitable, for your job.

Duties / Job description. Within your general duties and the requirements of this contract the detailed conduct of each day will be a matter for your professional judgement. You will be expected to take into account any preferences and advice concerning the care of your charge.

Sickness. If you cannot work because of illness, you must inform The Employer as early as possible on the first day and each subsequent day when you are unable to work. Self-certification is for a maximum of X days, after which a Doctor's Certificate must be provided. No return to work after an infectious illness until doctor states safe to resume working with children. You will be paid at your normal rate of salary for a maximum of the first X consecutive working days for any one period of sickness at the discretion of your employer. Subject to a maximum of X days salary paid sickness in any one year of employment. Or you will not be paid by your employer from the first sick day and will receive Statutory Sick Pay only. Thereafter, you may be entitled to statutory sick pay in accordance with statutory provisions.

Confidentiality. The terms of this contract are confidential and The Employee agrees not to disclose to any third party any information whatsoever arising from, or connected in any way to the employment of the employer, including information, gleaned by The Employee, regarding The Employer and  employer’s family or business, during the course of employment. You must not photograph the children unless permission granted by The Employer and you must not post any details of the children or family on any social or public websites.

Accommodation. If within the family home, rented accommodation or a separate property owned by The Employer is provided with the employment position. The Employee agrees that the accommodation is for them only and will vacate the property at the leaving date of this employment. The Employer offers the employment only on this condition and that The Employee has read, understood and agreed to this accommodation employment condition.

The Employee also agrees they will inform HMRC of their accommodation provided by The Employer as it is part of their overall income package and HMRC may amend their tax code to take regional value of the accommodation offered into income consideration.

Termination. This contract of employment is not continuous with any other previous period of employment and is not for a fixed period. There is no anticipated duration for employment which may be terminated by notice. The first X weeks of employment, X weeks paid notice is required on either side. After X weeks continuous service either The Employee or The Employer may terminate this contract by giving X weeks paid notice. Holiday entitlement continues to accrue during notice period. Subject to agreement. The Employee may take outstanding annual leave as all or part of their notice period. The Employer cannot force an employee to take annual leave if they are serving notice on The Employee.

If The Employee gives notice, The Employer can request The Employee takes outstanding annual leave as all or part of their notice period.

If you do not adhere to the period of notice, or leave during your notice period without The Employers' agreement. The Employer shall be entitled as a result of your agreement to the terms of this contract to deduct a day's pay for each day not worked during the notice period and any sum so deducted will be in full and final settlement of any claim by the employer for breach of contract. This deduction may be made from any final payment of salary, which may be due to you.

If an employee is to be disciplined or dismissed, the advice for the arbitration procedure for a particular offence will be forwarded to ACAS for a definitive answer.  In the event of the employer needing to take disciplinary action the procedure shall be FIRST Verbal warning, SECONDLY Written warning THIRDLY Dismissal. Reasons for measures under the disciplinary procedure include. a) causing a disruptive influence in the workplace. b) job incompetence. c) unsatisfactory standard of dress or appearance. d) general conduct inside or outside of normal working hours prejudicial to the interests or reputation of the employer. e) unreliable time keeping or attendance. F) or otherwise act so that the employer reasonably considers that disciplinary action is necessary.

The Employee’s employment under this contract may be terminated at any time immediately and without any notice or payment in lieu of notice if the employee is guilty of gross misconduct, ie.a)Convicted of any criminal offence. b) serious breaches of this contract, misconduct which may be deemed gross misconduct includes but is not limited to, loss of driving licence, theft, drunkenness, illegal drug taking, lying or dishonesty, gross incompetence, cruelty, abuse or neglect of the charge, including, violent or threatening behaviour be it verbal or physical.

If the Employee has any reasonable grievance relating to their employment, the matter should be raised with The Employer either in person or in writing as The Employee deems appropriate. The Employer and The Employee agree to take all such reasonable steps as are necessary to resolve such Grievances and will follow the ACAS procedure for any such grievance. A grievance guide is available upon request from Nannywage Ltd                    

The Employer reserves the right to make reasonable changes to any of your terms and conditions of employment. Giving notice in writing of any such changes.  A new contract is required each calendar year. It is the responsibility of The Employer to ensure that The Employee receives a new copy of their contract each calendar year and that both parties agree the terms of the contract and both sign and date a copy each.

Please note: The employment contract service is only available in association with Nannywage Ltd payroll service, accompanied by a completed payroll form and corresponding subscription at the advertised price. Once contracts have been sent to you, should the employee subsequently not start in your employment, when you find a new employee the new contract is part of the 12 month subscription and free of charge. However, if you decide not to use Nannywage Ltd payroll services for any reason and request a subscription refund. Double the employment contract advertised price will be deducted from any refund. Once you receive the contracts, if you change the wording or make your own amendments Nannywage Ltd have no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the contract content.

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