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Employee Statutory Maternity Pay


Please send us her MAT B1 Form (obtained from her doctor)

Once we receive the MAT B1 Form, we handle all on your behalf and will be writing to you in the near future re the total funding we claim from HMRC on your behalf.

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Statutory Maternity Pay

Current statutory maternity pay entitlement is for 39 weeks of paid maternity leave for the pregnant nanny.
To qualify the nanny must have worked for you for a minimum period in an employer PAYE scheme. When your nanny goes to her doctor to confirm her pregnancy she will be given a MAT B1 form, please send us the original, a copy or e-mail us a copy, without us having a copy of the MAT B1 form we cannot process Statutory Maternity Pay ( SMP )

Please inform us of the date when your nanny starts Maternity leave by submitting to us our SMP form
Our web site quick link to our SMP form is

You will need to inform us if you are paying her any salary during SMP
( Normally employers DO NOT "top up" salary and the nanny receives only SMP)

During SMP your nanny officially is still in your employ, you continue to provide wageslips, pay her the net shown on the wageslips, pay any Tax & NIC to HMRC.

SMP is for 39 weeks and she receives 90% of average salary for the first 6 weeks and then SMP. After the 39 weeks she can take a further 13 weeks unpaid leave and then after the total of 52 weeks either has to return to work or officially leave your employment

The first 26 weeks is known as Ordinary Maternity leave (OML) and your nanny retains her
employment rights and has the right to return to work at the end of the 26 weeks

The second 26 weeks is known as Additional Maternity leave (AML) and must follow on from (OML)
with no gaps, the nanny retains her employment rights and if the nanny wishes to return to work
after (AML) the employer can offer the nanny their old job back, unless this is not reasonably practical

You cannot terminate her employment during these 52 weeks of Maternity leave. You pay her in the normal way and every quarter April, July Oct and Jan we claim the TOTAL SMP back from HMRC on your behalf

During SMP the nanny wages will cost you NOTHING we preclaim the TOTAL SMP paid from HMRC on your behalf and send you the reclaim cheque every quarter. Plus 3% on top of the actual SMP salary paid. which helps towards your administration costs. On an average nanny salary and running the full 39 paid weeks we reclaim for you something in the region of £200 more than covering our fees and any postage you may incur.

If at anytime during the 52 weeks the nanny returns to work for you or officially leaves your employ to start work elsewhere you MUST inform us immediately so that we can stop SMP.

This part is very important to you the employer as it involves costs to you
Your only cost is the holiday pay due accrued during the maternity leave period.

1) Get written intentions from the nanny prior to maternity leave regarding her return to work
2) Any salary being paid on maternity leave, normally employers do not “Top up” the nanny receives SMP only
3) Send us the Mat B 1 form.
4) Inform us of the Last working day of your nanny before they start SMP leave
Ensure you inform Nannywage Ltd and your nanny of your salary intentions
Nannywage Ltd then handle everything on your behalf

If the nanny has not worked for you long enough to qualify to be paid SMP via your PAYE scheme, we send you a completed SMP 1 form for the nanny to claim SMP via benefits not the payroll. The nanny receives no wageslips while on SMP benefits but you must still administer your PAYE scheme with HMRC and we charge subscription to administer the payroll for upto the year of SMP leave and file end of year returns and continue to liaise with HMRC on your behalf to ensure HMRC compliance.

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