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The benefits of using a nanny payroll service

Many parents who take the step to employ a full-time nanny to take care of their children are simply looking for the most competent person to care for their children when they’re at work. Often parents are not aware or fully understand the legalities of becoming an employer. The law sees parents who employ a nanny as employers.

This means the parents must take the responsibilities of being employers. What this means is that there are many forms to complete concerning the nanny payroll. This also involves the calculation of calculating the applicable nanny tax payable, a PAYE scheme and National Insurance. There is also the possibility of being liable for a £100 per month fine for late tax returns that parents must deal with.

Hand over to professionals

The simple answer to the whole nanny payroll and nanny tax dilemma is solved fast and competently by using a nanny payroll service like Nannywage. A professional nanny payroll service takes care of the paperwork on your behalf. You contract them for a monthly fee and they will opening a PAYE nanny scheme and calculate the insurance and tax for you.

Nannywage services include submitting your Employer’s Annual Return to the Inland Revenue on your behalf. The service does the administration for you, they will take care of all issues relating to nanny tax.

The service sees to provision of supplying your nanny with regular payslips as well as all of that. Nannywage can also give employers advice about maternity and sick pay for the nanny. A nanny payroll service is an all-inclusive service. It allows you as the parents to hand the administration over to qualified professionals.

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Nanny Jobs |  Find a Nanny |  Nanny Tax