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The truth about nanny payroll

Nanny payroll is simply a part of having a nanny working for you. Just as your employer needs to deduct tax from your salary, nanny tax also needs to be paid.

Playing it payroll safe

Nanny payroll may seem like a monumental task, and in reality, it can be if you let it get out of hand. There is an alternative for all nanny employers. You can gain the assistance of a nanny payroll company. These nanny payroll companies are usually much more cost effective than an accountant. Nanny payroll companies like Nannywage take the hassle out of monthly payroll and nanny tax submissions.

They take care of the paperwork, the legalities and all the rest. All that is left for you to do is to simply make the payment of the collective tax and payroll amount to them. It is important that you do not try to evade your nanny tax. Nanny tax is unlike other taxes, there are no limitations for the period of time you are liable for errors and omissions. You are liable for due nanny tax even years after you no longer use the services of a nanny.

All it can take for you to be found out is a nanny collecting unemployment benefits. Play it safe, pay your nanny taxes and get Nannywage to help you do everything smoothly and legally.

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Nanny Jobs |  Find a Nanny |  Nanny Tax