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Your nanny is your employee

People have many questions about all the legalities of employing a nanny for the household. The concept of paying nanny tax is another issue that often causes confusion. First of all it must be established when a nanny is your employee and when she is self-employed. If you hire a nanny through an agency and you pay the agency directly, she is their employee. They will then be responsible to pay the payroll taxes applicable.

If you hire a nanny privately she becomes your employee. Thus you will be responsible for paying the applicable nanny tax.

On the other hand the nanny herself may control when she works and how the work is done; then she is self-employed. She may also be self-employed if she works for several households at once on a rotational basis.

Ease your mind

The whole issue of employee versus self-employment as well as the payroll and nanny tax that comes with hiring a nanny is simply something many employers do not wish to deal with. This had lead to the popularity of the nanny services like those offered by Nannywage, who can take care of all the payroll factors on your behalf. This means you complete the necessary forms and then pay a fee to Nannywage.

They then handle all the administration for you and you have the assurance that everything is done according to the rules and regulations. For the majority of busy employers this is the most logical option as it frees up their time and they have peace of mind.

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Nanny Jobs |  Find a Nanny |  Nanny Tax