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Nanny jobs around the world

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Few jobs allow you to earn a decent living and see the world at the same time. For many young women this is reality when they set out to find nanny jobs. Not only do private families look for suitable candidates for nanny jobs. Many international resorts hire nannies as part of their fulltime staff compliment. Nanny jobs are not restricted to the young only.

Many families specifically want to hire a more mature nanny. This is so that the nanny fits in with their lifestyle, cultural or religious beliefs. For women who love to work with children and do not see taking care of children and a household as a chore, nanny jobs become a wonderful career.

What does it take?

Firstly, to become a nanny means that you should have specific qualifications. It is no longer enough to simply like children and be good at housekeeping. Certifiable qualifications have become the criteria for finding nanny jobs in the UK and abroad. Certification opens the door for well-paid nanny jobs. Qualifications mean that it is easier to qualify for visas to work abroad.

Once you are qualified, getting experience is vital and Nannywage can help by introducing you to prospective employers in your area.

Balancing Family and Career

Friday, July 24th, 2009

Many women today have full-time careers that do not end when they become mothers. This means they try to balance a career and a family at the same time. Logically thinking about this it is easy to see that a day has only 24 hours and a job takes a large chunk of that time. Being a mother is a full-time job as well so what do women do? They try to squeeze two full-time jobs into one time slot.

The usual result is that the area they start to “steal” time from is form their ‘me’ time and their time to relax and have fun. Life becomes a roller-coaster that goes faster and faster, often women only stop when they are exhausted.
The wonderful thing today is that women are seeing the great benefits to be gained from regaining balance in their lives when they find a nanny to help shoulder the responsibilities.

Talents of a nanny

When you find a nanny that fits your needs perfectly, your whole life changes. Your children are cared for in a safe and familiar environment while you are at work. Your children stay in an environment that is highly educational and they are with a responsible adult. Your children are fed healthy and nutritional diets in a home that is kept neat and clean.

The children’s needs are taken cared of in a home that is orderly and they have a routine. When you employ a suitable nanny you come home after work to spend quality time with your children. Your nanny restores balance in your life and allows you to finally have ‘me’ time again.

Why consider nanny jobs

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Many people don’t know about the benefits of taking nanny jobs. The job market in our modern world is tight and highly competitive. Simply broadening your horizons can open your eyes to new opportunities that are right in front of you. Have you ever considered becoming a nanny? If you have what it takes then being a nanny can bring great rewards and benefits.

New frontiers as a nanny

Nanny jobs can deliver lucrative career opportunities. Yes, nanny jobs can turn into a career, a prosperous and fulfilling one at that. When you go through the process of becoming a qualified nanny and gaining experience, you can move up the nanny jobs career ladder.

The move takes time, as do career moves in other jobs, nanny jobs are no exception. Promotions and career opportunities are not the only benefits that await you in nanny jobs. You have flexibility of working hours.

Some nanny jobs require full-time work while other offer part time working hours that can fit in with further education. Nanny jobs will offer differing salaries depending on your position and level of qualification.

Use a nanny introduction service for the best

Friday, July 17th, 2009

The search to find a nanny seems a daunting task for many parents. They are utterly aware that they must find a nanny that is the most suitable to be in charge of their children. Parents have specific criteria that a nanny must fulfil.

They want their children to be cared for in the same manner they would care for them. In the society we live today, parents can not take chances.

This is why it makes logical sense to go to a nanny introduction agency like Nannywage when parents want to find a nanny.

Stress-free assurance

Nannywage can help you to find qualified nannies in your area who may be suitable for your family.  You pay a small fee to place an advert, outlining the vacancy and Nannywage then allows suitable nannies to contact you. You conduct the interviews (which Nannywage give great advice about) and find the best nanny for the job.

They can also see to all legal aspects involved with employing a nanny including payroll and tax and give great advice on all aspects of employing a nanny.

Why contracts work

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Jobs need to be secure and predictable. This is why work contracts and agreements came into being, and also applies to nanny jobs. But, why should you have a contract when you apply for and take nanny jobs? What is in it for you, the nanny?

Fairness and protection

The legalities of all jobs, including nanny jobs, don’t particularly require you to have a contract or agreement. However, that does not set you off the hook. You really should take the time to draw up and seriously consider a nanny job contract or agreement. Going into a nanny position blindly, without written guidelines about what is expected of you, is a bad idea.

If there is a dispute or misunderstanding, you have no legal leg to stand on. You cannot prove the dispute as it was never laid out in black and white. This works both ways, if a nanny raises a legal dispute; the family has no legal leg to stand on if there is not paperwork as reference. Your agreement is an important par of nanny jobs, it protects both parties. Nanny jobs are serious; just like the jobs of doctors, dentists or school teachers.

Just because you mind someone else’s children for a living does not make your job any less legal or less important. You have rights in nanny jobs, know them and know when and how to use them.

The benefits of using a nanny payroll service

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Many parents who take the step to employ a full-time nanny to take care of their children are simply looking for the most competent person to care for their children when they’re at work. Often parents are not aware or fully understand the legalities of becoming an employer. The law sees parents who employ a nanny as employers.

This means the parents must take the responsibilities of being employers. What this means is that there are many forms to complete concerning the nanny payroll. This also involves the calculation of calculating the applicable nanny tax payable, a PAYE scheme and National Insurance. There is also the possibility of being liable for a £100 per month fine for late tax returns that parents must deal with.

Hand over to professionals

The simple answer to the whole nanny payroll and nanny tax dilemma is solved fast and competently by using a nanny payroll service like Nannywage. A professional nanny payroll service takes care of the paperwork on your behalf. You contract them for a monthly fee and they will opening a PAYE nanny scheme and calculate the insurance and tax for you.

Nannywage services include submitting your Employer’s Annual Return to the Inland Revenue on your behalf. The service does the administration for you, they will take care of all issues relating to nanny tax.

The service sees to provision of supplying your nanny with regular payslips as well as all of that. Nannywage can also give employers advice about maternity and sick pay for the nanny. A nanny payroll service is an all-inclusive service. It allows you as the parents to hand the administration over to qualified professionals.

Nanny tax, something to consider

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Nanny tax is a very real part of finding and hiring a nanny for your family. You have to pay nanny tax just like anyone else who has an employee within his or her home. Some people think that they can safely get away with paying a nanny under the table. This way they cut out the payroll costs. However, paying your nanny in this manner is a very risky affair, if you are caught out by the tax man, you face heavy penalties.

Upon being found guilty of nanny tax evasion you will be liable for both your and the nanny’s back tax. You will also be liable for the monetary penalty fees and interest charges. Not only that, you could stand a chance of criminal prosecution. Evading nanny tax by not filling it in on your tax form is perjury. Thus, it is in your best interest to pay your nanny tax if you employ a nanny in your home.

A helping hand

Paperwork is a huge part of paying your nanny tax and it is unavoidable. However, you do not need to tackle that mountain of paperwork alone. If you go about hiring a nanny then consider getting Nannywage to handle your payroll and nanny tax for you, so you don’t have to worry about it.

They will do all the calculations and keep everything running smoothly. Nannywage take the pain out of paying your nanny tax.

Your nanny is your employee

Monday, July 6th, 2009

People have many questions about all the legalities of employing a nanny for the household. The concept of paying nanny tax is another issue that often causes confusion. First of all it must be established when a nanny is your employee and when she is self-employed. If you hire a nanny through an agency and you pay the agency directly, she is their employee. They will then be responsible to pay the payroll taxes applicable.

If you hire a nanny privately she becomes your employee. Thus you will be responsible for paying the applicable nanny tax.

On the other hand the nanny herself may control when she works and how the work is done; then she is self-employed. She may also be self-employed if she works for several households at once on a rotational basis.

Ease your mind

The whole issue of employee versus self-employment as well as the payroll and nanny tax that comes with hiring a nanny is simply something many employers do not wish to deal with. This had lead to the popularity of the nanny services like those offered by Nannywage, who can take care of all the payroll factors on your behalf. This means you complete the necessary forms and then pay a fee to Nannywage.

They then handle all the administration for you and you have the assurance that everything is done according to the rules and regulations. For the majority of busy employers this is the most logical option as it frees up their time and they have peace of mind.

Find a nanny that is qualified

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Hiring a nanny to mind your children is a task that should be tackled with dedication and perseverance. There are many different criteria that need to be considered when you hope to find a  nanny to take up the role of help and child minder. You, yourself, must like the prospective nanny. Your children and the other members of our immediate family should also approve, especially the children.

After all, the children are going to be spending lots of time with your new nanny; a mutual fondness is a must. On top of all of that, your prospective nanny must be qualified, experienced and must meet certain standards.

Nanny qualifications

You do not want someone too young and inexperienced in your home and taking care of your children.

You need to know that your nanny will be competent and will have experience in dealing with different situations. They should be able to handle everyday as well as emergency situations efficiently. It is entirely up to your discretion what qualifications you want your nanny to have.

First aid is important and a nanny course qualification would be an excellent bonus. You need find a nanny that you are comfortable with and have confidence in their competence, past experience and qualifications. Nannywage can help by introducing you to nannies looking for work in your area.

The truth about nanny payroll

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Nanny payroll is simply a part of having a nanny working for you. Just as your employer needs to deduct tax from your salary, nanny tax also needs to be paid.

Playing it payroll safe

Nanny payroll may seem like a monumental task, and in reality, it can be if you let it get out of hand. There is an alternative for all nanny employers. You can gain the assistance of a nanny payroll company. These nanny payroll companies are usually much more cost effective than an accountant. Nanny payroll companies like Nannywage take the hassle out of monthly payroll and nanny tax submissions.

They take care of the paperwork, the legalities and all the rest. All that is left for you to do is to simply make the payment of the collective tax and payroll amount to them. It is important that you do not try to evade your nanny tax. Nanny tax is unlike other taxes, there are no limitations for the period of time you are liable for errors and omissions. You are liable for due nanny tax even years after you no longer use the services of a nanny.

All it can take for you to be found out is a nanny collecting unemployment benefits. Play it safe, pay your nanny taxes and get Nannywage to help you do everything smoothly and legally.

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