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The Nanny Employment contact site for parents to find a nanny and offer a nanny job and nannies to contact parents for a nanny job vacancy.


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CONTACT as many employers as you wish.  Employers can also contact you. First contact is via e-mail through our website, no contact details are divulged .

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Nanny Job Vacancy

We know how difficult it can be to find a suitable Nanny related resource on the internet which is why we have launched a user friendly website that fuses technology with simplicity. Whether you are looking for a nanny job or if you are an employer looking for the best nanny employment resource we are sure we can meet not only your specifications but also your expectations. Childcare or more specifically looking after someone else’s children is as everyone knows not your regular job. Aside from the basic job description the person who fills the role must be hardworking, diligent, responsible and above all, trustworthy. The task of taking care of someone’s children is something that every parent scrutinises in minute detail so an employer or employee should ensure that all documentary requirements are adhered to. These documents can include original childcare qualifications, original qualifications and a fully notarised criminal disclosure from the country of origin. This might seem a lot of trouble to go to for an occupation that is not exactly renowned for a high salary, but an employer or parent must be absolutely sure they know who they are hiring. The same type of principle can also be applied to those looking for a nanny job, the prospective employee must be certain that the people she is considering taking employment with are also suitable for their nanny employment needs, a potential candidate must also try and gauge their potential employees suitability for them, it is certainly a two way operation. There are many well documented cases of substandard or unqualified nannies taking jobs and falling foul of the authorities or their employers but there seems to be little information available as to the flip side of the coin, poor employers. From a nanny’s perspective the amount of hoops they have to jump through to secure a position is extensive by anyone’s standards and the cost of attaining the relevant qualifications in addition to paying for the criminal disclosure is by anyone’s reckoning not particularly cheap. This is in contrast to an employer, who because of the labour related legislation in the employment of nannies does not have to undergo any mandatory requirements at all; in a nutshell anyone can employ a nanny. If you are looking for job or are an employer looking to employ a nanny or number of nannies we provide a comprehensive service that encompasses all elements of the process for both employer and potential employee. If you are an employer please take your time to browse our nanny employment section, you will find all the information you need including payroll services and tax related assistance. For the nanny job the resource is ideal for inputting your details for potential employers to browse, the initial contact will be through e-mail so please do not leave your personal details on the site such as telephone number or residential address, the potential employer will make the initial contact with you. Whatever your requirements, either as nanny or an employer we provide all the relevant services for you. Please take your time to browse our website and carefully look at the services we offer, from an employer’s viewpoint, the range of services are comprehensive and are especially geared to towards commercial nanny employment. Please make a note of our details for future reference and if you are looking for a nanny job be sure to input your details, your dream position is only an e-mail away.

Nanny Employment

To ensure you get the right person for the job and the right services for your particular needs the first step is securing the right supplier. Not only do we offer a valuable resource for people looking for a nanny job, but also employers or agencies looking for that appropriate nanny job vacancy. If you are looking for an all round comprehensive service for your business or your client you have certainly come to the right place. No other company or indeed online resource offers you more of a comprehensive service than Nanny Wage, we are confident that we can meet all your expectations and more and our current list of clients will surely concur. Any difficulties or problems you might have when accessing any part of our services are dealt with promptly and effectively, which is why we are generally regarded as the UK’s no 1 in our particular areas of expertise. Our team of advisers and specific specialists have many years combined experience in the provision of nanny employment related services and in contrast to the more generic agencies you might come across concentrate on one area and one area only, the nanny job. Please feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions, complaints or suggestions you may have, we take feedback and customer comments seriously and actually act upon them whenever possible, this is an ethos you will not find everywhere. If you require information about any of our specific areas of operation please contact the relevant department as detailed on our website, if you are not sure what area of our expertise best fits your specification please contact either our switchboard or customer service team who will be able to direct you to the most appropriate team or person. We place customer care at the forefront of all our day to day business activities and incorporate any new initiatives into our ongoing development plans. In addition to the services offered we are absolutely certain that our customer service and attention to detail is amongst the best in the business, this is one area where we can never be rivalled. If you feel that we have fallen short of our claims for any reason please contact us as soon as possible, as in any walk of life mistakes and errors do occur periodically but the difference between Nanny Wage and other providers is the time it takes to resolve any issue. Elements surrounding nanny employment and the nanny job are not just our business but also our passion, from your first contact with us you will realise that you are dealing with people who have a real pride in their work and approach each task with a degree of competence and enthusiasm that in today’s world is not common place anymore. To sum up, there are many providers within the industry who provide various levels of service at various levels of competence, our advice would be to check the prices carefully and the service that your payment includes, if something looks too good to be true it usually is, and as a result the services received or the standard of nanny job may not be quite as high as you think. We are the only firm you need contact in regard to all nanny employment issues and as several independent sources will confirm we provide quality services combined with a value for money approach and the finest customer service that money simply cannot buy.

Nanny Jobs

Finding the right employment is no longer as easy at it once was, the demand is obviously still there but the conditions that have to be met before you even answer a nanny job vacancy are extensive. In these days of mass media coverage the paranoia of a person’s particular suitability for a certain job occasionally overrides common sense. Whilst a lot of the legislation brought in to protect vulnerable people or children from dangerous people is admirable, the majority is paranoia of the highest level. The cost and trouble someone has to go to prove they are not a dangerous individual leaves some people thinking it really worth the effort. Whilst every measure should be taken to ensure a person involved in the provision of nanny employment is a trustworthy and reputable person we think the main qualities needed are compassion, a love for children and a high degree of patience. Although the documents needed seem pretty exhaustive they are relatively simple to obtain, the qualifications needed vary from job to job but an applicant should have some sort of formal accreditation. A criminal disclosure is usually a little bit more complex, you should apply to your national police force in the first instance and if you have been resident in a country that is not your country of origin for a length of time you should also obtain a disclosure certificate from them. Positions that required the enhanced disclosure may be applied for by your employer or agency, the rules and regulations involving a personal applicant are unclear at the time of writing. Nanny Wage may be able to offer advice regarding the conditions of nanny employment but as previously mentioned the rules at present are not clear so any information given may not be necessarily accurate or relevant at the final stages of the application. This said we will pull out all the stops and draw on all the resources available to us in order to answer any query you may have. Although our nanny job expertise is substantial our main area of business is the provision of other associated services, these include but are not limited to: Payroll, tax issues and legal advice. Nanny agencies who subscribe to our nanny paye services are entitled to a number of benefits including but not limited to: Generous commission payments, cost price CRB checking, free employment law support and free payroll support. If you would like any further information about this particular area please feel free to contact the specialist on the telephone number detailed on our nanny employment or nanny job website. To conclude, if you think we could be of any assistance at all please contact us, any initial advice is free of charge and obligation free, we aim to make you aware of any services that might assist you and only make recommendations based on the information that you give us. All the advice we give is impartial and will only be relevant to your particular area of interest, please browse our website at your leisure and make a comprehensive list of services applicable to your business area for an obligation free quote. Although we are in business to make money, we believe this money should not be made without giving the customer full value for money for a high quality service. For the ultimate nanny job and all aspects relating to nanny employment we really are the master and the only people you need contact. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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